July 14, 2024


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20 viral TikTok products to add to your shopping list

20 viral TikTok products to add to your shopping list

There are many sides to TikTok — dance videos, cat videos and comedy sketches, to name a few. But there’s also the side of TikTok that’s helped sway the purchasing decisions of millions of people. 

Product recommendations on the short form video app can set off a frenzy as people hunt for that one perfect shade of lipstick or that portable blender no one seems to be able to stop talking about. Some of these products make for perfect gifts, while others offer a home organization or skin care solution. Some are just a great way to treat yourself. 

Here are a few of the top products that have gone viral on TikTok and are worth adding to your shopping list.



A perfect companion for chilly nights, this blanket has six different heating levels and comes in brown, gray and red.


This fragrance diffuser is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa, and lets you customize and control your scent selection and intensity with the Pura Smart Fragrance app.


Milk frothers — and anything else related to coffee, really — have been all over TikTok. This option from PowerLix is battery operated and comes with a stand.


Keep your bathroom organized with these stackable clear drawers from Stori, which will help you see what you have and keep you from rummaging around while looking for that one bottle of foundation you swear you saw the other day. 


These organizer bins can help keep your fridge, freezer, countertops and cabinets in order. This set from Utopia Home includes five drawers and one egg holder.



This sleep mask from Topoint also doubles as a pair of Bluetooth headphones (with a built-in mic for calls) so you can comfortably listen to music while falling asleep.


This is probably one of the most recommended tech products I’ve seen from TikTok. This digital clock has a big display that doubles as a mirror, three levels of brightness and two USB ports on the side so you can charge your other devices. 


These cord holders help keep all your wires within reach. Stick them on your desk or on any smooth surface to keep everything organized. This option from AhaStyle comes in packs of either three or five.


This portable alarm offers some peace of mind in the event of any threat or danger. The keychain, from Taiker, makes a loud noise to signal for help and scare attackers. It also includes an LED light for walks at night.



My colleague Karisa Langlo raves about this product, noting it made her hair look “almost salon-sleek after just one try.” Made for folks like us who aren’t too good at juggling a round brush and a blow dryer, this product does the job of both, making luscious locks more easily attainable.


Keeping your makeup brushes clean is important for helping maintain clear skin. This UV sanitizer from Brushean disinfects your brushes and kills up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. It also doubles as a way to store your brushes and prevent them from collecting dust. It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, with one charge lasting up to 50 cycles.


This is one of my personal favorite makeup products. Almost Lipstick has skyrocketed in popularity thanks to rave reviews on TikTok, with users saying it looks good with all skin tones. As a testament to its popularity, this product can be hard to pin down, since many vendors quickly sell out.


With all the hype around hyaluronic acid, it’s no surprise that this lip gloss is all the rage. Give lips a fuller look with this gloss, which also offers a hydrating shine.


It turns out you can get great coverage from a foundation without breaking the bank. TikTokers are obsessed with this product that offers full coverage for a super smooth look. (Though many have noted it would be nice to have more shades.)


Glow Recipe is a wildly popular skin care line offering a range of hydrating products. This sleeping mask includes watermelon, hyaluronic acid and alpha hydroxy acids to exfoliate and refine the look of pores.



This rechargeable USB blender from PopBabies lets you blend a drink anywhere — at home, at the office or while traveling, for instance. You can then drink your concoction out of the same bottle, making for an easier cleanup.  

Bed Bath & Beyond

The collapsible design of this mug makes it easy to take with you anywhere or throw in a purse or bag. It includes a straw, lid and heat sleeve, and is microwave and dishwasher safe.


This BruMate Toddy XL stainless steel coffee mug is leakproof and triple insulated. It also comes in a range of fun colors.


Simple Modern is another drink ware brand that’s dominated TikTok. This stainless steel water bottle has a straw-equipped lid, and also comes in a variety of colors. There are plenty of other popular designs, too, like this stainless steel tumbler