December 5, 2023


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Best Maternity Clothes 2022

If you’re newly pregnant and starting to show, you might have started searching for the best places to buy maternity clothes. Or Googling things like “cute maternity clothes.” And while many of us want to remain stylish while pregnant, the best maternity clothes emphasize comfort with breathable, soft and forgiving fabrics and designs.

The last thing you need while growing a human is to feel a waistline digging into your bump or buttons bulging with every deep breath. There were days during my pregnancy where even the feel of any fabric on my legs was more than I could take. So from the best maternity leggings and the cutest maternity bathing suits to the top places to find maternity clothes for work and trendy dresses, we’ve rounded up our favorite shopping sites for your most requested items.

We’ve both personally worn and scoured reviews of the following brands and stores to find the best maternity clothes to help you to the nine-month finish line and even into those hazy postpartum months.

Best Maternity Leggings: Lululemon, A Pea in the Pod, Blanqi

Best Maternity Jeans: Joe’s, Madewell, GapMaternity

Best Maternity Underwear: Lively, Cosabella, Kindred Bravely

Best Maternity Dresses: Pink Blush, Ingrid + Isabel, Hatch

Best Maternity Swimsuits: Summersalt, Kindred Bravely, Motherhood Maternity

Best Affordable Maternity Clothes: H&M, ASOS, Old Navy

Best Casual Maternity Clothes: A Pea In The Pod, Hill House Home, Storq

Best Maternity Clothes for Work: Hatch, Gap, Angel Maternity

Best Maternity Leggings

Lululemon: Extra Comfortable And Great For Use Postpartum As Well

Velvety soft, ultra stretchy and thin yet fully opaque: That’s pretty much exactly what you want to wear 24/7 when you’re pregnant. Yes, these leggings are expensive, but they’re worth it because you’ll wear them a lot—before, during and after your pregnancy is over. 

forbes.comLululemon Promo Codes | 50% Off In July 2022 | Forbes
forbes.comLululemon Promo Codes | 50% Off In July 2022 | Forbes

Pea in the Pod: Soft And A Great Price

Many moms swear by these leggings, so much so that for some they’re the only maternity-item in their closet. They’re super affordable and the material is designed for sweat wicking and quick drying. Also great: These leggings combine specially designed over-the-belly support (in a non-scratchy material) and compression legs—a subtler alternative to the doctor-recommended compression socks that’ll help keep calf and foot swelling down later in your pregnancy.

Blanqi: Sleek And Incredibly Supportive On Your Bump

While your bump may feel a bit like a food baby in the beginning, it’ll likely crave serious support toward the end of pregnancy. The bestselling Blanqi belly support leggings do just that thanks to the compression fabric and specially crafted supportive waistband. You may never want to take these off.

Best Maternity Jeans

Joe’s: Cool And Comfy

For those who subscribe to the, “I’m not a regular mom; I’m a cool mom” mantra, Joe’s are a favorite. Not only do they have options that range outside of skinny jeans, but the rise hits at the perfect place on your bump where it’s not too low and not too high.

Madewell: So Soft You’ll Forget They’re Jeans

If you like jeans that feel like leggings but aren’t, then these Madewell skinny jeans are for you. (In fact, Madewell in general might be just right for you.) The over-the-belly fabric can be folded under for comfort, and, unlike many maternity options, these jeans are flattering on your bum, too.

GapMaternity: A Great Inexpensive Option

Gap has well-fitting, trendy maternity jeans, including this perfectly slouchy, relaxed girlfriend style—for under $80 and even less when on sale. Gap is also one of the few lower-priced retailers to offer the inset panel style rather than the full or low panel. Gap’s pairs look more like real jeans, and you can still tuck a shirt or sweater into the front.

Best Maternity Underwear And Bras

Lively: For Maternity And Beyond

I wore these wireless nursing bralettes from week four of my pregnancy until the bitter end. Not only are Lively’s maternity underwear and bras cute, but they’re surprisingly supportive and breathable. Plus, the brand offers bundle options so you can save a bit. These bralettes double as nursing bras with drop-down clips.

Cosabella: Sexy And Supportive

If you’re looking for maternity underpinnings that up the confidence ante, Cosabella should be on your list. The brand’s underwear and bras are functional and beautiful all at once, plus they’re actually comfortable.

Kindred Bravely: Comfortable As Can Be

As with other clothing from Kindred Bravely, these maternity briefs stand out because of the cross-over construction. They sit comfortably under your bump even once your baby drops. Kindred Bravely, in general, is a standout maternity clothing brand because of its extended sizing and intuitive construction across categories.

Best Maternity Dresses

Pink Blush: For Everyday Or Events

We love Pink Blush because the retailer includes a wide array of brands and prices, both exclusive to the site and otherwise. Many of the maternity dress options especially will grow with you throughout the duration of your pregnancy and will even work postpartum as well. They’re also super cute.

Ingrid + Isabel: Style & Comfort Combined


Whether you’re headed to a picnic, date or work, Ingrid + Isabel has a dress for the occasion. We also love that the quality of the pieces are superb and yet, the price won’t give you Braxton Hicks.

Hatch: Everything You Want In A Maternity Dress

Hatch is one of the most beloved luxury maternity fashion lines—and for good reason. Not only is the quality bar none, but the styles offered are both timeless and fresh. In short, we’d wouldn’t mind wearing Hatch whether pregnant or not.

Best Maternity Swimsuits

Summersalt: An Overall Favorite

Moms and moms-to-be rave about Summersalt bathing suits because of the way they hug and flatter, while also remaining extremely practical suits. We love that the swimsuits grow with you from day one through postpartum, so you can focus on relaxation instead of having to search for a handful of suits to join you on your motherhood journey. This maternity bathing suit is particularly soft.

Kindred Bravely: Extended Sizing Specialists

When we say Kindred Bravely sets itself apart thanks to extended sizing, we mean they go as far as to add sizes that accommodate larger busts. As most moms will tell you, apart from your bump, this is one of the areas of your body that will undergo the most changes so specific sizing is a breath of fresh air. This wrap swimsuit is both practical and flattering.

Motherhood Maternity: Chic Options At A Great Price

While Motherhood boasts a wide range of all sorts of maternity wear, we especially love their bathing suits because they look high-end without the price tag to match. Motherhood offers a number of options for all styles and many offer 50+ UPF protection.

Best Affordable Maternity Clothes

H&M: Hello, Cool Moms

As with its standard line, H&M does a fabulous job of creating elevated basics at a manageable price point. We love that H&M maternity clothes looks like stuff you’d want to wear, pregnant or not. Plus, the cost is palatable for something that you’ll generally wear for a shorter time frame.

ASOS: Party Ready

ASOS has a ton of lovely everyday options, but its event dresses are particularly attractive. Many maternity dresses that are suitable for a party or special event are expensive but not at ASOS. Find fashion-forward picks at reasonable prices in the maternity section of this retailer.

Old Navy: Basics And Beyond

If you’re in need of basics, including T-shirts and tops, as well as bottoms, Old Navy offers a full maternity clothes line. There are a ton of options across categories, but we especially love stocking up on tees, tanks and lounge items here. Enjoy accommodating silhouettes with stylish tweaks so you can get as much use out of your new favorite pieces as possible.

Best Casual Maternity Clothes

A Pea In the Pod: Style & Comfort Combined

This maternity retailer sells literally every type of clothing you might need as a mom-to-be, but we especially love its cute and summer-friendly maternity clothes. The shorts from A Pea In The Pod are a real selling point, which can’t be said for many other maternity brands. This linen blend pair are breathable, comfortable and stylish.

Hill House Home: Ideal For All Stages of Motherhood

While not maternity specific, the nap dress and Hill House’s other pieces (like its skirt and top sets) are ideal for all chapters of womanhood. They work great before conception, after and during pregnancy, because the silhouette is forgiving and stretchy but doesn’t cling to your frame.

Storq: Not Your Normal Maternity Clothes

Not only does Storq offer sizes 0 through 4x, but the brand stands out because its pieces look different than most other maternity brands. They’re infused with an element of playfulness and youth that feels out of the norm, which is exactly why we love it. These maternity clothes are practical yet feel a bit special, too.

Best Maternity Clothes for Work

Hatch: The Crème De La Crème

These pants are refined and polished for work thanks to the viscose in their fabrication, and yet, they’re also comfy enough for weekend brunch. The back zip and smooth waistline give them a clean front, and the ankle length looks chic with your favorite loafers or sneakers. Add a button-down or long tee and sweater, and you’ve got an outfit. These pants demonstrate Hatch’s knack for dressing bumps. Many reviewers recommend sizing up for third trimester wear.

Gap: Workwear You’d Want To Wear, Pregnant Or Not

If you’re pregnant (and if you’re reading this you probably are), don’t sleep on Gap’s collection of work-appropriate outfits. From slacks to button downs to dresses, the retailer has done a wonderful job putting a maternity spin on career classics.

Angel Maternity: Classic But Fresh Workwear

Some work-appropriate maternity options can feel less than modern (read: shift dresses that feel like they belong in the 1960s). But Angel Maternity has created pieces that feel office-ready and classic, while still feeling au courant.