October 4, 2023


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Dall-E 2 AI picture generator is a amazingly terrific manner designer

Karen Cheng is one particular of numerous creatives utilising AI as section of their concept era method. Her latest style style and design challenge (opens in new tab) brings together a handful of distinctive AI products to get a clean, automated outfit switching catwalk online video, and it truly is a legitimate testament to how AI can profit artists in these an huge way. 

Her course of action initial associated utilizing Dall-E 2 to deliver a entire bunch of models over the prime of some stills. By indicating the intended design space with the brush and feeding it a short for every single type of garments, i.e. white overalls, Cheng was ready to get some really fascinating generated outfits. It even did an alright occupation of matching the lights, nevertheless she did have to sift as a result of a superior deal of terrible layouts, like the “gown impressed by MC Escher” down below.