September 27, 2023


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Facts About 3 Designer Ring Gemstones

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The purchase of a designer ring can commemorate and symbolize many milestones and events. For instance, partners may exchange beautiful designer rings for an engagement and wedding ceremony or when they honor a wedding anniversary. Although many shoppers think of diamond rings as the ultimate gemstone for use in wedding and engagement rings, other gorgeous gems can serve the same purpose. In addition, gemstones come in various colors and clarity, so understanding details about three appealing options you have can make it easier for you to select your favorites.

1. Sapphires

If your birthday falls in September, or you want to purchase a special gift to celebrate your forty-fifth wedding anniversary, then a sapphire ring makes an excellent choice. When choosing a designer ring Edmonton shoppers appreciate this precious gemstone’s vivid dark blue color, although they can also appear in shades of green, yellow, orange or purple.

2. Rubies

A relative of the sapphire because they share the same aluminum oxide basis, rubies feature pink to deep red coloration. Known as the gem birthstone for July, rubies increase in value based on the brightness of their colors and the clarity of their stones.

3. Emeralds

Quality emeralds exhibit a rich dark green color, although they can show yellow-green or blue-green variations, and these gorgeous gemstones stand as the birthstones for May. They derive from the mineral beryl, and consumers can find them in designer jewelry selections, including rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Furthermore, like rubies and other gemstones in terms of color and clarity, their value rises depending on how high their vivid green color saturation rates and how clear the stone appears.

Gemstones remain a perennial favorite when you want to give a unique token of your love for someone special. They provide a bright accent to any ring setting and offer a dazzling visual reminder of your special occasion.