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Japanese corporation delivers support that converts your child’s faculty bag into useful accessories

Japanese corporation delivers support that converts your child’s faculty bag into useful accessories

You may well have listened to of the leather, boxy college bag that Japanese elementary school young children use. Called randoseru in Japanese, these bags are expensive–sometimes exorbitantly so–but typically created of top quality leather to previous the complete six yrs of elementary school. As soon as students graduate to junior superior faculty, even so, they switch in their bulky randoseru for a scaled-down shoulder bag or backpack.

But for several learners and mothers and fathers, those randoseru keep a good deal of reminiscences, and if the leather is even now in fantastic situation, it appears a disgrace to just toss it or shove it absent in a closet to be overlooked. Which is why Askal Bag Company, based in Ichinomiya Town in Aichi Prefecture, offers a randoseru upcycling services.

Japanese corporation delivers support that converts your child’s faculty bag into useful accessories

The company began in 2010 as a smaller leatherworking organization that specialized in Italian leather-based and included in 2014. It was a few decades later on when the inspiration to reuse randoseru arrived, when the daughter of Askal’s President, Daisuke Ohashi, graduated from elementary college to junior substantial college. She’d acquired a good friend of hers had turned her randoseru into a mini-bag, so she told her father, “I would like there was a way I could have turned my randoseru into a thing as well.” At the time, they’d by now disposed of her randoseru, but Ohashi decided to make her a leather move case and barette from leather-based scraps as a substitute. Seeing how happy they made her, Ohashi recognized there is a market for repurposing aged randoseru, and so he launched the “Randoseru Remake” service.


The company was immediately popular and steadily attained additional and much more clients as the decades passed. In its first year in 2017, they upcycled 800 baggage, but by 2021 that range had jumped as higher as 14,000. Business grew exponentially in 2020 since of the coronavirus pandemic, when a good deal of sixth graders ended up abruptly faced with their very last days with their randoseru for the reason that of college closures. Mothers and fathers, sensation poor for their youngsters, seemed for a assistance to commemorate their graduation and the bag that observed them via so a lot of decades, and term unfold like wildfire about Askal.

▼ Pass cases and coin conditions created from randoseru


To reuse the randoseru, Askal requires pieces of it, like the straps, sides, and belts, and turns them into beneficial leather-based accessories of all sorts, including wallets, pass conditions, and keychains. The baggage are initial thoroughly taken apart making use of utility scissors that can conveniently slash by means of leather, and then the leather-based of the randoseru is meticulously revived prior to remaining repurposed. Dependent on how each and every component is used, the content is thinned, the fuzzy sections burned away, or the items are meticulously painted by hand.


Even the smallest sections of the randoseru are utilised, like the embossing on the flap of the backpack or the zipper of the inside pocket, which can equally be integrated into the wallet. Customers have a selection of what objects they can receive as well. The essential program, for illustration, expenditures 7,800 yen and supplies six different things: a crucial case, a move case, three barettes, an elliptical keychain, a cord holder, and a belt strap keychain. The 14,500-yen system consists of wallets and other greater accessories.


Askal even offers the alternative to maintain scratches and destruction to the leather, if you so wish, and for a separate cost, you can also have a title or a message engraved, much too. They also have a priest from Ichinomiya’s Owari Sarutahiko Shrine purify the leftover pieces and express gratitude for them, so each individual child’s randoseru and the reminiscences contained in its weathered grains are offered all the regard they are entitled to.


The assistance is out there on the net through Yahoo! Purchasing and Rakuten, so it is straightforward to repurpose your child’s beloved randoseru. Whether they’ve been using a plain bag or something really exceptional, it is guaranteed to be comprehensive of recollections, so think about preserving it in a form they can nevertheless use!

Supply: Tokai Television set via Yahoo! Japan News

Photos: Rakuten/Askal’s Bag Firm

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