February 26, 2024


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Logitech gaming accessories are up to 40 percent off at Amazon

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Don't be fooled by their serious exteriors: These gaming accessories are ready for play. (Photo: Logitech / Yahoo)

Don’t be fooled by their serious exteriors: These gaming accessories are ready for play. (Photo: Logitech / Yahoo)

The upside to cold weather is more time for gaming. But is your setup ready for the season? Before you settle in for winter’s worth of competition, carefully check your equipment, and be honest about what needs replacing. Gaming is a lot better with a few well-chosen accessories, like the right headset, mouse and keyboard. 

You’re probably familiar with the manufacturer Logitech because of its stellar office accessories. Turns out the company makes excellent gamer gear too. And as luck would have it, much of that gear is on sale this week at Amazon! Some of our favorites are listed below.

While you’ll always get free shipping on items with orders over $25 at Amazon, sometimes you just don’t want to wait, especially with recent supply chain issues. Why not speed things up with an Amazon Prime account, which offers free two-day shipping, along with great members-only sales and award-winning streaming content? It’s only $13 a month or $119 a year — and your first 30 days are free when you sign up here.

This mouse is so simple, anyone can get started with it in seconds. (Photo: Logitech)

This mouse is so simple, anyone can get started with it in seconds. (Photo: Logitech)

If you’re looking to keep your setup simple, you can’t go wrong with the G305 Lightspeed Wireless. It’s a great-looking mouse that comes in a variety of brilliant shades like blue, purple and teal. It’s easy on the eyes and also your hands, thanks to its sleek, ergonomic curves. It’s also a great companion for Logitech’s other Lightspeed accessories, so your gamer space can be just as stylish as the rest of your home. Normally, this mouse is $50, but right now you can snag one for just $30.

This mouse has earned a ton of rave reviews at Amazon. One gamer says: “Build quality is excellent, feels sturdy, perfect weight for me (I actually welcome the couple extra grams of weight from the G-Pro, no need for those AAA – AA converters for me) I have absolutely no rattle, and the buttons feel great….”

$30 $50 at Amazon

It looks deceptively simple, but this mouse delivers. (Photo: Logitech)

It looks deceptively simple, but this mouse delivers. (Photo: Logitech)

If you’re looking for something with a bit more oomph but that is still sleek and classy, the G703 Wireless Gaming Mouse might be more your speed. This highly ergonomic mouse fits comfortably in your right hand, and it includes adjustable weights for those who like their accessories to feel hefty. And this is a PowerPlay-compatible mouse — that means if you have the separate PowerPlay pad, you can charge this mouse wirelessly, even while you’re using it!

This mouse has over 3,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, with shoppers like this one calling it “the best mouse I’ve ever owned PERIOD,” adding that “the ergonomics are near perfect, the RGB is great […] and the mouse is very light, which makes it great for gaming and general use combined.” Another gamer agrees, saying they were “blown away by this mouse” thanks to its “great” response times and “incredible” battery life. Sounds like this is a good accessory to have on your desk for work and play!

$60 $100 at Amazon

This mouse comes through during a tense online match. (Photo: Logitech)

This mouse comes through during a tense online match. (Photo: Logitech)

For the more serious gamer who still wants something slim and non-fussy, the Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse is pro level. It’s super light, ambidextrous so even left-handed users will enjoy it, and it’s super fast with 1 millisecond reaction time. It’s currently only $99.

Not convinced you should spend so much on a mouse? This particular model has over 7,600 five-star ratings and plenty of reviews, like one shopper who says it “feels like a very precise instrument that activates with my finger and hand,” and you’re paying a premium for features like the wireless capability and the light weight. And this gamer who was anti-wireless had his mind changed by the G Pro, saying the “technology has come a long way” and Logitech “did an outstanding job.” If you’re looking for rock-solid wireless, this is the one to get.

$99 $130 at Amazon

Get $20 off the G610 keyboard

It's sleek, simple and perfect for work and play. (Photo: Logitech)

It’s sleek, simple and perfect for work and play. (Photo: Logitech)

Now that you’ve upgraded your mouse, you’ll need a stellar keyboard to go along with it. It’s a bit pricey, but a good keyboard is great for both work and play — I’m typing this article on a gaming keyboard. But they can be expensive, which makes Logitech’s G610 an absolutely fabulous buy. You’ll love how the mechanical keys feel when you type, as well as the built-in media controls for switching between your favorite tunes or videos. But it also looks super cool with lighting that can be easily customized with the free downloadable Logitech Gaming Software.

One gamer loves the G610 for its “solid design” and “sturdy board with no noticeable flex.” They add that “it’s a very clean layout, not an overly aggressive typeface for the characters. The lights are only white, but can still be configured with different brightnesses and settings in the Logitech Gaming Software! […] I don’t really have any complaints so far, I’ve had this keyboard for over a couple months now, and I’m pretty happy with it!” 

And the G610 made a convert out of another shopper, who says, “This is my first mechanical keyboard. After about three minutes of use, I decided I can never go back to a rubber membrane keyboard. The tactile response of the Cherry Red switches is amazing; it’s completely changed the way I type. I used to hammer away at the keys like some kind of angry god, but this keyboard makes all of that unnecessary. My typing speed and accuracy has even increased. I can’t praise this keyboard enough. I even carry it back and forth to work with me every day since I can’t convince my boss to buy one for my office.” Sounds like it might not be a bad idea to get two!

$60 $80 at Amazon

Logitech G PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Ultra Portable Tenkeyless Design, Detachable Micro USB Cable, 16.8 Million Color LIGHTSYNC RGB Backlit Keys

This keyboard shines at home and at the office. (Photo: Logitech)

If you’re looking for something a little sleeker and pro-level (to go with your new G Pro mouse), then the G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard might be your speed. It’s nice and small (because there’s no number pad), and easily transportable thanks to its detachable micro USB cord. And the keys are super clicky, which is sure to make you feel powerful in games and productive at work! Right now it’s only $100, down from $130.

Be warned that this is a “loud and proud” keyboard according to one gamer, whose “Discord friends hate it” because of the noise. But most shoppers didn’t really mind the noise, with this reviewer saying “not only does it feel really nice to type on, the custom lighting and clicky noises are very satisfying!” She played Valorant on it and “it felt so much better too.” Ultimately, one customer summed it up with, “I used many of the others and think this is the best I have used. It is a thick sturdy keyboard that stays where I need it, many of the lighter ones were sliding around when I was in the game. I think the value is good for this keyboard. But for the serious gamer we want the best to help us improve our game, right?”

$100 $130 at Amazon

Save $20 on the gorgeous G335 headset

This adorable headset is available in white, mint or black. (Photo: Logitech)

This adorable headset is available in white, mint or black. (Photo: Logitech)

Finally, you’re going to want a nice comfortable headset that won’t break the bank. I’ve personally found that Logitech makes some of the best around, and the G335 is super affordable. You’ll love the stylish shades it comes in, and the headband feels great on your noggin. This is a wired headset, which means no fussing with USB dongles or Bluetooth connections — just plug it in via the trusty 3.5mm port on your device. You can use it with Switch console too!

Of course, none of that would matter if it didn’t sound great, and one reviewer says it’s “exactly what my ears need. I suffer from tinnitus and often struggle to hear mids and highs clearly, but […] the Logitech is clear as a bell. The sound is rich and crisp, with just enough bass [that] you know it’s there but not so much that it becomes overwhelming.” They also found the G335 to be super comfortable, adding that “the headset itself is very light. I think I’ll be able to wear this for hours a day without fatigue.”

The G633 is also popular with parents. One reviewer says: “I got this for my teen who needed a replacement headset for general use, zoom, streaming, music, gaming and chatting with her friends. She likes it! She said it’s comfortable — the headband and ear pads — her friends say they can hear her better, sound is clear/good, mic is convenient to use. She has been using it daily since she opened the box.” Seems like she’s getting her $50 worth!

$50 $70 at Amazon

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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