July 18, 2024


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Patients Should Pay Attention to the Condition of their Glasses

Patients Should Pay Attention to the Condition of their Glasses

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Patients sometimes wear the same glasses for years. Not everyone’s prescription changes at the same rate. However, people can also get used to a particular pair of glasses. 

New Glasses

It’s common for people to feel surprised when they get a replacement pair of glasses. A patient’s vision will often change very slowly. The differences from one month or even one year to the next may not be obvious. However, after enough time has passed, someone’s vision might be substantially different. 

People sometimes get new glasses fairly regularly, since they might be interested in fashionable frames for their eyeglasses. Many of the customers who get eyeglasses have made them part of their own personal style. Eyeglasses have their own fashion trends now, which might motivate patients to get their glasses updated more consistently.

Lens Changes

However, even the people who only care about the functional aspects of eyeglasses Los Angeles-made and elsewhere should still pay attention to the quality of their glasses. The lenses of most eyeglasses are less likely to break today than they were in the past, since the materials science connected to eyeglasses has improved.

Still, the lenses could be damaged in ways that are much more subtle than that. Many modern lenses have protective coatings. Those coatings do not last forever, even though they might be effective for several years at a time. 

Once those lens coatings start to fade, people might find that cleaning their glasses has become harder and harder for them. They might feel as if they are always using microfiber clothes on their glasses, and these supplies will not be able to remove genuine forms of lens damage. 

Lenses can become scratched, which can still have an effect on someone’s vision, especially if the scratch is in a particularly inconvenient location. Getting new glasses might be the only solution.