September 30, 2023


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Styling Hacks: 5 Tips to Look Confident in Fashionable Outfits

Having a distended stomach can sometimes lower a person’s self-confidence, especially in women’s cases. Understandably every woman would want to always look beautiful and fashionable every day. But don’t worry, having a big belly won’t stop you from looking fashionable, as long as you know the tricks to cover it up.

Here are some fashion tricks that can cover your distended stomach. Try following these 5 fashion hacks!

1. Use a waist trainer for a flat stomach effect

Of course, everyone already knows this one underwear. Wholesale waist trainer are elastic compression bands that are worn around the abdomen. It is a distant relative of the corset. Waist trainers tighten a person’s midsection as much as possible. The idea behind the waist trainer is that the act of pulling creates a slimmer waist. This is a quick and easy way to get an hourglass figure. This can increase the flexibility of back movement and reduce the risk of injury. It can be quick, easy, convenient to repair, and convenient to put on and take off while wearing.

Waist trainers are suitable for everyday wear. It’s super soft, lightweight and breathable. It’s a solution to deceive the body shape to look slim. You don’t need to be afraid to think about a complicated waist trainer model. Now, waist trainers come with various models that are simpler and easier to use. You can use it to give a slimming effect to the stomach.

2. Shapewear to make the body proportional

In contrast to corsets that focus on tightening the stomach, shapewear has an additional function. In today’s modern era,, best affordable shapewear comes with various models that can tighten the stomach, breasts, buttocks and stomach. The use of shapewear itself can form a more proportional body silhouette and save you from the cold effectively as a plus point.

You don’t need to be afraid of seeing fat folds when you are on the move, because shapewear also helps hold fat at the waist. Starting from full body to only for the waist and stomach, you can choose it according to your needs.

3. Use high-waisted jeans to hold your stomach

You can apply this trick for everyday style. You can use high waist jeans as an option. High-waisted pants have a design with a high-waist cut.

However, this high waist is only good to use when combined with a cardigan and the waist shape is not too big. If you have a waist that is too big, your body will look fuller and shorter.

4. Wearing a peplum top to hide fat

The easiest way to outsmart a distended stomach is to hide it. You can use a peplum top to cover your distended stomach. The peplum model itself is an outfit with a tight cut or fit at the top, with additional flare accents at the waist.

The peplum top model is suitable for you to hide your distended stomach. Attention will also be diverted by the flare on the top. You can also look slimmer with a top silhouette that gives a slim camouflage effect.

5. Avoid loose tops made of thin

Because you want to hide your distended stomach, you use a loose top instead. This one method makes the stomach look more distended. The posture also looks more extensive. Not to mention if the material is thin, folds of fat will be visible when doing activities.

You can use an outer size that fits your body to hide a distended stomach. Use an outer with a firm cut and a slightly thick material. Outer fitting in the body will also give a slim impression on your body.