July 16, 2024


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T-Shirts to Buy to Support the Ukrainian Crisis

T-Shirts to Buy to Support the Ukrainian Crisis

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has had wide-reaching consequences, particularly for Ukrainians currently inside their war-torn country and those seeking shelter elsewhere. Support for Ukraine has poured in from around the world and across industries, with fashion brands like LVMH, LOEWE, Burberry, Acne Studios, the OTB Group and many others raising millions for critical aid efforts.

1Granary, the platform created by Central Saint Martins students that supports emerging talent, published an open letter to the fashion industry encouraging unity in demanding sanctions against Russia. Since then, many companies have heeded the call – YNAP has stopped shipping to Russia, H&M has temporarily paused all sales to Russia and Ganni has stopped trading with Russia, among other brands taking action. Paris Fashion Week also served as a platform to further raise awareness — Nanushka took the runway in support of Ukraine, BOTTER presented a beaded leather jacket displaying the statement “NO WAR” and Heliot Emil has said it will donate 100% of its Fall/Winter 2022 pre-order profits to aid the humanitarian crisis.

As the situation in Ukraine continues to deteriorate, a number of labels have launched homegrown initiatives to support those in need. Rowing Blazers has already sold out of its benefit tee while footwear brand Grenson has introduced its special-edition “66” sneaker to help raise funds.

Below are some additional brands making a charitable statement through their work.

Our Legacy WORK SHOP Ukraine Tee

Price: $93 USD
Where to Buy: Our Legacy

Combining its signature Yin and Yang logo with a dove holding an olive branch as a universal symbol for peace, Our Legacy WORK SHOP reworks its moniker on the rear of this t-shirt by writing “WORK SHOP” in Cyrillic to now read “ВОРК ШОП.” 100% of the sales of this £70 GBP (approx. $93 USD) tee will be donated directly to UNICEF and UNHCR.

Anton Belinskiy x 032c “FREE UKRAINE” T-Shirt

Price: $54 USD
Where to Buy: 032c

Anton Belinskiy is a Ukranian artist known for his Ukrainian passport graphic, and this now appears alongside his signature, 032c’s moniker, and the statement “FREE UKRAINE” on the rear. While the piece is technically sold out, the benefit t-shirt can be re-made by using open source code. All proceeds will be donated to DEUTSCHES ROTES KREUZ, Nothilfe Ukraine and Voices of Children Ukraine, while more information on how to get the tee can be found online.

Pleasures Ukraine Fundraiser T-Shirt

Price: $30 USD
Where to Buy: Pleasures

Pleasures’ website states: “This is obviously so personal for me, so much so that I asked my uncle Vadim to design our t-shirt. He’s a Ukrainian graphic designer and illustrator who’s been servicing the local community and advertising for over 30 years.” It features Pleasures’ moniker in blue alongside the Princely State Symbol of Volodymyr the Great, or, colloquially, the tryzub, which is the Ukrainian coat of arms.

Cressida Jamieson “Choose Love” Ukraine Crisis T-Shirt

Price: $113 USD
Where to Buy: Cressida Jamieson

London-based designer Cressida Jamieson is known for her bespoke embroidered designs, and now she has made a “Choose Love” tee. The classic white top is embroidered on the chest with a yellow and blue love heart nodding to Ukraine’s flag that’s bannered with the “Choose Love” phrase. All profits from the $113 USD tee will be donated to the Choose Love charity, which helps victims of displacement.

DRESSX Virtual Clothing Capsule

Price: $25 USD — $1,000 USD
Where to Buy: DRESSX

For fans of the metaverse, DRESSX has released a capsule of digital clothing that can be bought and displayed virtually while still supporting those affected by Russia’s war. DRESSX was founded by Ukrainians and is at the forefront of celebrating emerging digital design talents. It offers a pair of earrings, a hat, a sweatshirt and a dress with its unique designs, and notes that the “Support Ukraine AR looks free to use in the DRESSX App.”


Price: $7 USD — $265 USD

Moscow-born designer Xenia Telunts has curated a selection of archival pieces from her eponymous label and has created a raffle for the brand’s signature “The Marium Cardigan,” with all proceeds being donated to the Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund. Telunts’ work is focused on creating simple, long-lasting and high-quality clothing in a sustainable way, always made with zero-waste pattern cutting, natural dyeing, up-cycling textiles and organic fabrics in mind.

The designer has said: “We set the prices low to allow more people to be able to afford to purchase a piece. However, if you feel like you would like to donate more we set up a donate button.” More information about the archive sale can be found online and on Instagram.

mfpen Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Price: TBC
Where to Buy: mfpen

Danish imprint mfpen announced that left-over long-sleeve tees will be available soon with a print on them, with all of the proceeds going to UNICEF. Nothing else has been shared other than the image of a tearful sunflower, so stay tuned to the brand’s Instagram page for more information.