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Valentine’s Working day Reward Guide: The Finest Cupid Jewellery

Valentine’s Working day Reward Guide: The Finest Cupid Jewellery

Cupid is a motif that speaks to romance and enthusiasm and is available in a range of jewels great for Valentine’s Day. During history, Cupid has been regarded as the god of wish, attraction, and passion. He is portrayed in different cultures as the son of Venus. In Roman instances, he was acknowledged as Amor (love) in Greek mythology, he was Eros, the son of Aphrodite, the goddess of enjoy and fertility. What ever ancient lore or legend you imagine or imagery that reveals him in unique lights: mischievous, whimsical or profoundly really serious, he has appear to characterize affairs of the heart in all its stages. And regardless of whether modern-day, antique or vintage, a Cupid jewel celebrates the sentiment of the working day and can be worn effectively into the upcoming.

Below are antique and modern day strategies:

Cupid in Complete Sort can seem in 3-dimensional figural gold, intaglios, cameos or enamel.

Fred Leighton’s antique, circa 1870 earrings of hand-painted plaques depict Cupids with dragonflies tied with ribbon. They are set in decorative frames of 14K rose and white gold and are beautiful illustrations of how the god of enjoy and wish was rendered for the duration of that time period.

Seal & Scribe’s modern personalized ring structure with ruby accents frames an antique glass intaglio seal. Designer Shari Cohen says, “This is a cheeky ring that includes Cupid kicking the earth when tossing his appreciate arrows at random details. The motto reads, ‘Je Le Bouleverse’, which with the imagery is interpreted to signify adore produces a bit of craziness all around the world.”

Gabriella Kiss’ three-dimensional sterling silver earrings feature a appropriate and still left Cupid, just about every keeping a bow and arrow. These would be the best gift to convey to the man or woman whose heart you want to pierce with love how you feel about them.

Elizabeth Locke’s 19K gold Cupid on Dolphin Ring with bezel established diamonds. All over background, this imagery experienced several meanings in mythology, but those most apropos to Valentine’s Working day symbolize how quickly love moves or the wild experience of love.

Stephanie Windsor Classic Oval Cupid’s Lovers Locket is a 19th-century piece, circa 1880 and is crafted in sterling silver and 9K gold with a carved Cupid keeping a bow and arrow with sentimental floral motifs that talk to happiness and sweet recollections. It can keep a top secret memento or a photograph of the beloved a single who presents it to you.

Jewels that allude to Cupid are portrayed in different takes on heart, bow and arrow motifs. The pursuing fashionable, antique and vintage pieces all refer to his capacity to render a person lovestruck:

Anita Ko’s 18K rose gold and pave diamond Single Position Arrow cuff represents Cupid’s arrow. The diamonds refer to enduring enjoy the shape of the cuff signifies 50 % a circle that requires to be finished after the arrow has pierced the coronary heart of the item of affection.

Wartski’s antique gold brooch in the type of a quiver consists of two detachable arrow pins and is mounted with previous good slice diamonds and rubies. The jewel is English, circa 1890 and is a enjoy token that speaks to the uncontrollable desire one feels when struck by Cupid’s arrows. On top of that, the language of the gemstones provides to the sentiment: diamonds symbolize constancy and rubies for enthusiasm.

Rachel Quinn’s 14K yellow gold Cupid Arrow earrings are playful in design and style and refined in color. The heart is pierced by an arrow, suggesting that Cupid has strike his mark. One lab developed, sleek pink ruby fall dangles beneath each earring for a hint of refined movement and to increase to the meaning of enthusiasm.

Arman Sarkisyan’s 18K yellow gold and oxidized silver Cupid’s Arrow bracelet signifies the continuity of adore in the form of the bangle when it is on the wrist the diamond arrow signifies fidelity and the pink sapphire heart, real romance.

Cece Jewellery’s 18K yellow gold and diamond Really like Me Without end Pendant features a vitreous glass enameled arrow heading by means of a coronary heart which implies that the receiver or wearer of the pendant will slide head over heels.

Sorellina’s 18K pave diamond Cupid’s Bow and Arrow necklace signifies a surrender to like.

Harwell Godfrey’s 18K gold chandelier earrings with arrows and a number of hearts in spinel and diamonds are a subtle reference to Cupid. These are a testament to eternal like and are a excellent reward for Valentine’s Working day from your soulmate.

Robinson Pelham’s Cupid Heart 14K EarWish and Orb (bought separately): represents the standard piercing of the coronary heart and the diamonds and pink sapphires, eternal determination. The individual orb hoop is the circle of appreciate that simply cannot be broken.